Kambô Initiation Week

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Kambô Initiation Week

Set in Beautiful Acapulco Mexico.

Hosted by BearHeart Saputo, Briana Lynn, and Shanti Vistara  of Bambuddha Holistico. 

This is the ultimate All Inclusive Cleanse and Healing experience of a lifetime!!  

This is for 10 very lucky souls.
Reserve your spot to participate in this upcoming 5 day long spiritually grounding experience from the Morning of Monday May 27th - evening of Friday May 31st, 2019. 

Absolutely stunning beach front property with lush accommodations, rooms are big enough to be shared with 2 beautiful souls.


Wake up to the singing birds and the dancing ocean waves. Plenty of lovingly prepared organic food and drinks to enjoy and heal with while we go through a deep cleanse of the mind, body and soul.

Remember your essence , remember your mission and release ALL that is holding you back. It’s your time , we are here with you In All ways. If you are signing up for BearHeart’s Kambô Provider Course, this will count as the Level 1 Introduction to Kambô portion.❤️🐸❤️

What this special Initiation includes:

• 3 Deep Kambô Sessions •

(2 group 1 private ) Truly get to know and have an intimate relationship with the beautiful and powerful energy of Kambô. This medicine will ignite every cell of your body to start healing and working properly, it will help purge out any toxins and poisons you have accrued in your life and will strengthen your immune system to fight off any illness and sickness that’s around you.

• Daily Yoga / Meditation and Body Movement

Open up to your body mind and spirit through higher awareness and physical , energetic and mental movement.

The true art of Mindlessness.


• Healthy Organic Meals•

So tasty, so fresh so much love. Local, loving & ALL needed food preferences are available.


• 2 Very Special Temezcal (sweat lodge) Sessions•

The sweat lodge is designed to bring us back to the womb, to our original heartbeat and through a passage of heat to clear out our pours of all toxins we have that no longer serve us. Rebirth yourself and be held in the process during your fire, water and earth ceremony.  


• Primal Roaring Ceremony •

To clear out lower vibrational energies such as past traumas, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, judgment, resentment, self doubt, rage, sadness, victim mentality, and much more that no longer serves you. Everyone has these energies to some extent, the ones who pass and process them become healthy and live with ease, the ones who don’t remain stuck and with Dis-ease. Now is the time, lets clear together to rise together. 

• Integration circles •

To help understand and integrate your process with ease and grace and to be able to voice and express all that is coming through you. You have a voice and many ways to express , we want to hear you, feel you and be of support in anyway we can. 


• 1 Mushroom Ceremony•  

Introduce yourself to the energy of the mushroom and find your own Magic within. Remember your deepest heart and truly expand your awareness and consciousness.  Plant teachers teach us and remind us in many ways, are you ready to remember ?

Soul-Full Investment for this once-in-a-lifetime Initiation:

$ 1,777 USd (shared room w/one other person)

$2,100 (Single room)

$2900 (Couples, paid together, save $650)

50% non-refundable deposit via PayPal to reserve your space @ iambearheart@gmail.com

Remaining exchange paid before May 10th.


Invest in yourself, your family and community by joining us, diving deep into your work, growing and strengthening tribe all over the globe to better support in the healing of humanity inside and outside of ourselves. We look forward to sharing in this space and adventure together, big hugs and many blessings. 

Love love,

🐻❤️, Briana and Shanti Vistara